Equi  'n sync with its global approach, strives to optimise the performance & well-being of horses.

Also our older friends are part of this and deserve to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

How can we help you?

- Inspection & Treatment of postural and musculoskeletal disorders of your horse

- Optimal recovery after injury, illness or surgery

- Training and coaching for your (sport) horse

01 Muscular problems

Muscular problems can have several causes such as strain, injury or improper training, resulting in pain, stiffness, muscle loss and reduced performance. Using manual and physical therapy, I can help your horse regain muscle relaxation, improve mobility and promote recovery.

By detecting and treating minor abnormalities in time, larger problems can be prevented.

04 Joint- and age related complaints


Joint and age-related complaints reduce athletic performance and mobility. Older horses require a bit more attention and care, they may suffer from stiffness and limited mobility in the joints, causing them to move less daily and lose muscles. I can support horses in this by relieving pain and treating their stiffness with manual, physical therapy and supportive exercises. Doing so, I help promote the recovery process and improve their quality of life.

07 Coaching Sporthorses


Sport horses require careful guidance to stay top fit and prevent injuries. That's why I offer personalised training and specialised therapy that optimise the horse's physical condition and freedom of movement. These focus on your horse's individual needs and are an essential link for his/ her well-being and performance. Regular follow-up gives you the opportunity to improve your horse's performance in a more targeted manner, by training less with more results, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

02 Tendon issues


Tendon injuries can have serious consequences for performance & well-being of horses. They often occur due to unexpected, abrupt movements, trauma or strain. With therapeutic techniques, I can support tendon healing and restore it's strength & flexibility. With a personalised rehabilitation plan and specific exercises, in collaboration with the treating vet, I help horses return to normal activity in a responsible, effective manner.

05 Riding problems


Riding problems can range from stiffness and imbalance to resistance to certain exercises. They can stem from physical limitations and pain but also because the requested exercise is still too difficult. Horses can't 'tell us' except with signals such as grinding their teeth, sticking out their tongue, holding the bit, difficulties with stopping, bending, and canter changes, rearing, bucking and so on. With this I can help you and your horse by addressing underlying physical problems and using targeted exercises to improve your horse's flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. This will allow your horse to move comfortably and  freely again with proper technique and form.

08 Wound healing & Scar tissue


Injuries occur frequently in horses, some already more severe than others. Of course you want a speedy recovery, but it is also important to make sure that no tissue adheres or that the scar doesn't restrict movement and thus causes pain. To adress this , I apply manual and physical therapy to promote wound healing, optimise the recovery process and minimise the chance of permanent problems.

10 Pre- & Post- surgery


Does your horse need surgery?

Before surgery, the waiting time can be usefully devoted to positively influence muscles and tissue. I can already treat compensations that have arisen and thus promote recovery surgery.

After the surgical intevention, my treatment first focuses on pain relief and comfort for your horse, after which I slowly start movement therapy to promote the recovery of mobility and stability of the affected structures.

This process is always carried out in collaboration with the treating vet.

03 Neck- and back complaints


Neck and back complaints arise as a result of various factors, such as strain, poor posture, underlying lameness or pathological abnormalities. consequences can include reduced performance, disturbed gaitpatterns, behavioural- and balance problems. It is important to identify the underlying cause first, after which I can help with targeted exercises, manual and physical therapy to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, body awareness and posture.


06 Therapeutic exercises (rehabilitation) & training


After an injury, illness or medical procedure, your horse's load bearing capacity needs to be increased again. This is done in collaboration with the treating vet. I use specific exercises aimed at strengthening the necessary muscles, increasing flexibility, improving body awareness and correct posture. This allows me to guide your horse back to a good physical condition allowing it to resume activity and avoid new injuries.

I can also help sport fit horses to improve their performance and/or refine training.

09 Neurological disorders 


Neurological disorders can range from problems with movement coordination to muscle weakness and even paralysis. They can result from injury, disease or degenerative conditions. These problems require special attention to restore your horse's function as best as possible. I use manual and physical therapy to improve flexibility and mobility in addition to exercises to improve muscle strength and coordination, in doing so, I contribute to the recovery process and your horse's quality of life.

11 Chronical disorders


Unfortunately some conditions can't be cured (anymore). In that case, al that counts is your horse's quality of life. By reducing symptoms such as pain and stiffness, I can help increase your horse's comfort and well-being for the time your horse will remain with you.

About Els

Els Martin

There's nothing that fulfills me more with joy than that happy neigh when I arrive at the stable,

a swinging back under saddle,

that satisfied snort after another small step in the right direction,

eyes closed followed by smacking & yawning!

From morning to evening among horses,

to be able to contribute to their well-being, recovery and performance.
Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure that they can give the best of themselves,

each with his or her own qualities.

Giving horses a voice, recognizing and treating suffering.


Due to circumstances, Els chose to turn her passion into her profession in 2004 after studying languages and sciences. She started working in the professional horse industry where she gained extensive experience in teaching, training and schooling horses.

Meanwhile, she obtained her diplomas in riding school management, schooling, trainer and independent instructor. 

During her work with jumping and dressage horses at well-known stables and studfarms from show jumping sports, including Roshoeve, Nieuwenhof and Optimus agro, her interest in anatomy, biomechanics & exercise physiology grew.

So in addition to her work at the stables, she first started at Massage Hippique in the Netherlands for a few years, where she qualified as a sports masseur for horses.

Since 2017, she started her own practice in combination with her job as a stable rider.

Thanks to adjustments in the study landscape, work & study became increasingly compatible and because she wanted to expand her knowledge even more, she dove into the study books yet again.

For the next five years, she combined her work in horses with studying at the German Institute of Osteopathy (DIPO), one of the leading training institutes in Germany for osteopathy/physiotherapy for horses & dogs. Founded in 1997 and

acknowledged by the FN, it offers education at the highest standards with nationally and internationally recognised experts in the industry.

Here she qualified as a DIPO Physio- & Manual Therapist for horses.

This along with studying at Vives University of Applied Sciences, for which she completed a rotating externship at Equitom, focusing on the departments of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation.

Her graduation project dealt with the rehabilitation of a warmblood mare after acetubular/ ischium fracture associated with intermittent (sub)luxation of the coxofemoral joint.

In doing so, she qualified in rehabilitation techniques and sports coaching.

Both qualifications were achieved with great distinction.

After her externship, Els remained full-time at Equitom for another year, in addition to her own practice.

Here, she worked closely with veterinarians and surgeons, assisting in operations, clinical examination and physiotherapy management in various cases.

Since 2022, she fully dedicated herself to her own practice integrating all this knowledge and experience on a daily basis.

To keep up with current developments, research and education in equine health management, she attends several CPD courses every year and additional studies on a regular basis.

Grounded in practical experience

Not only therapist & coach, but in between treatments and sports coaching, Els still rides horses herself. Meanwhile, she has been in the saddle for more than 30 years, trying to bring out the best in each horse. Not only with work under saddle, but also by working in hand, lunge or at liberty depending on what the horse needs at that moment.

She strongly believes in building a strong bond based on trust and mutual respect, as the basis for success and harmony.

Her first horse Falco, her partner in crime for more than 20 years, is enjoying his well-earned retirement at her pasture as a 30-plus, together with his girlfriend.

Els firmly believes that every little component in the management of a horse contributes to their well-being, health and performance. A horse requires a holistic approach.

Therefore, she places significant emphasis on working together with fellow professionals: trainer, vet, nutrition expert, dentist, saddle fitter, farrier,  if necessary, she 'll help her clients by reffering them and their horses  in the right direction in order to meet their needs. 

She also places significant emphasis to  correct, functional training of horses.

For Els, it is essential that horses are given the opportunity to use and develop their bodies in the right way, allowing them to perform optimally without being forced.

This enables horses to use their natural abilities and improves not only their physical condition, but also their mental well-being.

With this, Els would like to open the eyes of owners and riders to help them better read their horses' bodies, recognise signals and abnormalities, in order to adapt their training according to the horse.

By training horses in a respectful, correct and patient manner, injuries, problems, equine suffering and riders frustration can be avoided, 

'With horses,  just because something may be the cause,

doesn't mean it has to be the cause'


    • PG Dipl Manual Therapy for horses
    • Cert MLD/ KPE Berens- v. Rautenfeld
    • PG Cert Animal Rehab Techniques & Sports Coaching (Equine) (Dissertation: 'Rehab of a warmblood mare after acetubular/ Ischium fracture with intermitting (sub)luxation of the coxofemoral joint.'
    • PG Dipl Physiotherapy for horses
    • Dipl Jack Meagher therapy
    • Dipl Acupressure for horses
    • Cert excercise physiology of the horse
    • Dipl Equine Myofascial Release Therapist
    • Cert Veterinairy Assesment
    • Cert Advanced Biomechanics
    • Dipl Equine Medical Taping
    • Dipl Massage therapist and Consultant in maintenance &  training for horses (L5)
    • Cert Initiator and Trainer 
    • Cert Independant Instructor
    • Dipl Riding School  Management- Trainer


    CPD courses & training



      Equi 'n sync is affiliated with the German professional association for Veterinarians & Animal Physiotherapists DGT ev. de., the Dutch professional association for Horse Sports Masseurs VPSN and the federation of Dutch Equestrian Branch Organizations

      This means that my qualifications are checked and tested to assure my clients of knowledge and competence.
      To keep on top of developments in my field, I regularly attend additional courses and training.

      A guarantee that your horse is in good hands!

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