Equi  'n sync with its global approach, strives to make horses feel good,

function optimally and to guide them to a successful, healthy, sports- or recreational career.

But also our older friends are part of this and deserve to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

How can we help you?

Treatment of postural and musculoskeletal disorders of your horse

Optimal recovery after injury, illness or surgery

Training of and training guidance for your (sport) horse

01 Sports injuries

There can be several causes of musculoskeletal disorders.

By detecting and treating small deviations in time, larger problems can be prevented.

04Therapeutic exercise schedules (rehabilitation) & training


After an injury, the horse's physical capacity should be increased gradually again. This is done in consultation with the treating veterinarian. An individual exercise plan is set up that the owner can follow at home or that can  be carried out by me.

Also sport-fit horses whose performance needs to be improved or training needs to be refined are welcome!

06 Pre- & Post- surgery


Before surgery, the waiting time can be usefully spent on positively influencing tissue and musculature.

Like this compensations that have arisen can already be treated, which promotes recovery after the procedure.

After surgery, the focus at first will be  pain relief and anti-inflammatory, after which movement therapy is slowly started to restore the mobility and stability of the affected tissue/joint structures.

This process starts after consultation with the treating veterinarian & according to the various phases of wound healing & load-bearing capacity of structures.

02 Riding problems


Problems when riding are often a sign that something is wrong with your horse. Unfortunately they can't 'tell' us, it's up to us to interpret signals correctly and analyze behavior.

05 Trauma & pathology


Horses are big and strong but at the same time very fragile.  Accidents are lurking in a small corner.

After veterinary referral, physiotherapy can support medical treatment in the areas of pain management, elimination of compensatory hypertonia, prevention of atrophy and maintenance and/or improvement of mobility & flexibility.

07 Wound healing


Injuries are common in horses, some more serious than others. A speedy recovery is desirable, but it is also important to ensure that no tissue adheres or that the scar restricts movement.

10 Sports coaching


In order to improve sporting performance, physical limits have to be pushed. It is important to determine exactly where these  limits are for each horse in order to train as optimally as possible. This means less training with more results and less risk of injuries.

03 Neck- and back issues 


The horse's neck is very flexible, which means that muscles and ligaments play an important role in stabilizing it.

Furthermore, it has an important function for the balance of the horse, disorders can lead to reduced mobility or loss of balance.

The back forms the connection between the front and hindquarters and is responsible for the power transfer from the hind leg to the front. The back and core work together according to the string-bow principle. This requires a balance between the topline and the core. Imbalance can lead to very different complaints.


08 Chronical disorders


In conditions that can't be cured, palliative treatment can reduce symptoms such as pain and stiffness, improving the horse's quality of life.

09 Comfort for the elderly horse


An older horse requires a little more attention and care, also in terms of the musculoskeletal system.

By treating pain and stiffness, we can offer the senior more comfort during his last years of life.

11 Neurological disorders 


Neurological problems require special attention to restore the horse's function as well as possible or to ensure that the quality of life can be maintained despite the resulting disorders.

About Els

Els Martin

Since childhood, Els has been passionate about horses.

In the meantime, she has been in the saddle for 30 years and her first horse enjoys his retirement as a 30-year-old on the meadow.

Her passion eventually also became her profession.

After having followed various equestrian  studies and having gained 15 years of practical experience in various large sports stables, Els wanted to be able to do even more for horses and acquire even more knowledge.

So passion drove her back into the textbooks after which she graduated from the German Institute of Equine Osteopathy and Vives Graduate School. For this she completed a rotating externship at Equitom BV. with an emphasis on the departments of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation.

Today she takes all this knowledge and experience  with her in her daily practice and regularly enriches it with further training and additional studies to stay on top of recent scientific developments.

Els offers complete, expert therapeutic and training guidance for your horse, regardless of level or age.

Do you think Els can mean something for you and your horse?

Then don't hesitate to get in touch!

There's nothing that fulfills me with more joy than that happy neigh when I arrive at the stable, a swinging horse's back under saddle, that satisfied snort after another small step in the right direction, eyes closed followed by smacking & yawning!

From morning to evening among horses,

to be able to contribute to their well-being, recovery and sports performance.
Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure that they can give the best of themselves, each with his or her own qualities.

Giving horses a voice, recognizing and treating suffering.

I love horses & I love what I do!

Els M.


  • Dipl Riding School  Management- Trainer
  • Cert Independant Instructor
  • Cert Vts Initiator and Trainer 
  • Dipl Massage therapist and Consultant in maintenance &  training for horses (L5)
  • Dipl Equine Medical Taping
  • Cert Advanced Biomechanics
  • Cert Veterinairy Assesment
  • Dipl Equine Myofascial Release Therapist
  • Cert excercise physiology of the horse
  • Dipl Acupressure for horses
  • Dipl Jack Meagher therapy
  • PG Dipl Physiotherapy for horses
  • PG Dipl Animal Rehab Assistant & Sports Coaching (Equine) (Dissertation: 'Rehab of a warmblood mare after acetubular/ Ischium fracture with intermitting (sub)luxation of the coxofemoral joint.'
  • MLD/KPE i.t.
  • PG Dipl Manual Therapy 



Additional courses & training




Equi 'n sync is affiliated with the German professional association for Veterinarians & Animal Physiotherapists DGT ev. de., the Dutch professional association for Horse Sports Masseurs VPSN and the federation of Dutch Equestrian Branch Organizations

This means that my qualifications are checked and tested to assure my clients of knowledge and competence.
To keep on top of developments in my field, I regularly attend additional courses and training.

A guarantee that your horse is in good hands!

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