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Sports coaching & Training
Sports Coaching & Training
Sports coaching & Training
Sports Coaching & Training
Sports Coaching & Training

From training to triumph


Whether it is about winning prizes, or overcoming difficulties in riding; correct, functional training ensures that your horse is prepared for the tasks expected of him/her. It preserves the horse's body from injury, improves its physical condition, health and well-being.

It will make your horse feel good and you will be able to form a true unity together, fully enjoy your partnership and achieve your goals.

Every combination is unique.

Every horse has different qualities, every rider different goals. But one thing is certain: training is for the benefit of the horse. Your horse should have the opportunity to use and develop his/her body in the most appropriate way, so that it can perform optimally without being forced.

It allows the horse to use his/her natural abilities to the full and improves not only its physical condition, but also its mental well-being. By adapting your training in function of your horse; injuries, problems, horse suffering and many rider frustrations can be avoided.

In order to correctly identify your goals with your horse, we start with an intake and screening consult.

During this, we go over your expectations, what your horse's training currently looks like, what you want to achieve and what difficulties you and your horse encounter.

Because rider's feeling often indicates something different from what the horse actually experiences, we will determine the actual physical condition of your horse and the true intensity of your training sessions with the help of a fitness test and a physiotherapeutic check-up.

This not only provides you with a clear insight in your horse's current physical condition, but also of which exercises and training intensity are appropriate to bring out the best in your horse. Do you need to develop strength, speed, technique or rather endurance?

Based on these findings, I propose a customised training advice, which you can implement quickly and effectively.

For good results, 6 weekly folow-ups are recommended to evaluate physical growth and make adjustments if necessary.

Together, we bring out the best in your horse and build towards a successful, healthy competative or recreational career!

Not able to train your horse(s) yourself?

I will be more than happy to take over the training from you, either at your location or mine.

Improved performance, posture & movement

Regardless of competitive or leisure pursuits, developing strength, suppleness, endurance, speed and technique improves your horse's movement, posture and performance.

Natural capabilities are maximised allowing your horse to reach its full potential.


Health & well- being

Training adapted to your horse's needs and limits promotes his/her physical and mental well-being.

Injuries, unnecessary stress, suffering and anxiety are prevented by developing the right muscles and promoting healthy posture and movement.

This contributes to your horse's active life and long-term health.



Injury prevention

By training your horse according to his/her physical constitution and your expectations, injuries due to freshness, incorrect body use, poor posture or overexertion can be prevented.

Reducing riding problems

A horse that is physically fit and feels good; will enjoy working with you, better understand your aids and will be able to easily execute them; allowing you to work together more fluidly and efficiently; without resistance or other problem behaviour.

This allows you to form a true unity with your horse and allows you both, to fully enjoy your partnership.