Equi 'n sync offers complete professional therapeutic and training guidance for horses of all levels.




For treatment and prevention of complaints of your horse's postural and locomotor apparatus, as well as the effects these complaints have on your horse's performance, health and well-being.

Using various treatment techniques,

based on physical stimuli,


* injuries prevented

* pain reliefed

* recovery after injury promoted

* improves physical fitness & performance improved

* health & well-being optimised

Your horse will be able to move comfortably and freely again,

allowing you both to enjoy a long-term, successful partnership.



Train more efficient for better results, less injuries and a better partnership with your horse.

By screening your horse and training, we can determine which physical traits need improvement:

* technical skills

* power

* flexibility

* endurance

This allows you to train your horse in a goal-oriented way,

so that he/she can use and develop his/her body optimally.

Your horse will be able to perform better without forcing itself,

which reduces the risk of injuries.


because it will be able to use its natural capacities to the fullest,

not only its physical condition and mental well-being will improve,

but also its cooperation with the rider.



 Bring your horse back to its original performance level.

Optimal recovery from illness, injury or surgery

If you want to achieve the best treatment results for your horse, it is important, during rehabilitation, to pay attention to:

* improving mobility

* correct development of condition & strength

* reducing compensatory patterns

* close monitoring

This allows your horse to, step by step,

come back to original form.