Equi 'n sync offers complete expert therapeutic and training guidance for horses of all levels.




Treatment of complaints of the postural & musculoskeletal systems of the horse and their influence on movement and well-being.

Movement and recovery are optimized using various treatment techniques: stiff joints are mobilized, muscles & fascia are loosened and nerve blocks are removed. This is to relieve pain and promote the health and well-being of the horse.

A horse in top shape = Happy Athlete!



Individual, custom-made guidance for and/or training of your (sport) horse.

 Thanks to testing and screening, an individual program can be drawn up for your horse that allows you to train efficiently and responsibly to achieve your goals and improve (sports) performance.




For optimal recovery from illness, injury or after surgery 

By improving mobility, correct follow-up of fitness/ strength and close monitoring, compensatory patterns are reduced and optimal treatment results can be achieved.

The horse is systematically brought back to its original performance level.