Rehab & Sports coaching for Horses

Welcome at Equi  'n sync 

My goal is to optimise the performance & well-being of horses.

Horses mean the world to me.

Sport- or leisure horse, all disciplines, young or old, I want to keep them healthy, correct faulty load, avoid unnecessary pain and make sure they can be the best version of themselves.

Because, one by one, they're  top athletes.

Which is why they deserve individual guidance that not only supports them in preventing and treating injuries in the best possible way, but also for their impact on the entire movement and well-being.

As DIPO registered Physio- and Manual therapist for horses, I offer tailored treatments & rehab for qualitative recovery after injury, surgery or ilness; to improve suppleness and to optimise the general condition of their musculoskeletal system.

This in collaboration with veterinarians, farriers and other experts.

In addition, my rol as a sports coach, is to develop personalised training that focuses on what your horse needs, more agylity, strenght and/ or endurance, to achieve your goals together, reduce riding difficulties and to get your horse in top condition.

Because, if horses are feeling physically well, this will not only have a positive impact on their general well- being, behaviour and performance, but also on the coöperation with their riders. 

Little details, all part off the bigger picture: reaching your horse’s full potential!

Els Martin

Sportcoaching & Training voor paarden


Individual, custom made training of/ for your (sport) horse.


Prevention and treatment of disorders of the horse's postural and musculoskeletal system, but also of the influence they have on the entire movement and well-being of the horse.

Fysiotherapie voor paarden
Revalidatie voor paarden


For optimal & qualitative recovery after a surgical procedure, illness or injury.

Equi  'n sync

Little details, all part of the bigger picture: reaching your horse’s full potential!

With a heart for horses!

Equi  'n sync  stands for Equine (horse) &  'n sync (synchronous, everything attuned to each other).

I strive to make (sport) horses feel good about themselves and to let them function optimally.

There are many factors that can have a major impact on the well-being, health and physical performance of our equestrian partners.
That is why it is important to approach the horse globally, forming an exact picture of the individual needs of you and your horse.

How is the horse built?
Are there asymmetries?

In which discipline is the horse used?

What movements does the horse struggle with?

Are there tensions or blockages?

Where is additional support needed?

Which muscles must be trained to improve the horse's performance?

Is the horse fit?

Which effort can it handle and which cannot (yet)?

How does the harness fit?

Is the horse in pain, are there any traumas or injuries, has this resulted in compensation?

Does the horse have to undergo a medical procedure or is it recovering from a medical procedure?

How can we guide the horse best for optimal recovery?

By putting all the puzzle pieces together, we get the best out of your horse and build a successful, healthy sporting or recreational career where you can fully enjoy your partnership.

For further questions or an appointment?

Don't hesitate to contact me!

" I truly recommend Els for her practice. As a vet, I already share cases with her. She is doing a great job and the horses show good improvement thanks to her.

She takes time to understand every case and makes her best to help your horse."


Dr Margaux Danau

Helpful work on severe laminitis ! Thanks a lot Else




By making an appointment you agree to the general terms and conditions.

A discount of 10% applies to multiple horses from the same owner

Payement is desired immediately after the treatment, if desired the invoice can be sent afterwards.

Equi 'n sync benefits from the special exemption regulation for small companies.



€ 90/Session

(90 min)


€ 90/Session

(90 min)


€ 60/Session

(60 min)

Within 6 weeks after intake with clinical examination


at location

€ 40/Session

(40 min)

€ 60/ Session

(60 min)


€ 30/Session

(30 min)


For consultations at location, a travel reimbursement of € 0.43/km driven from Zandhoven will be charged.

The travel reimbursement can only be shared by different owners at the same treatment address.

There is also the possibility to stable your horse with us

price on request


When using Kinesiotape, 4€ / m tape is supplemented